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  Professional Development Services

We aim to provide support in providing professional development that fully meets your context and needs.  While we will work with you to put together a tailored one-off event or plan to meet your on-going training needs, we have put together a list (below) of the PD topics we can deliver, following requests from our clients.  Many of these topics can be differentiated for special schools and other settings (PRUs, BESD settings, LSUs etc.).


We also offer taught courses specifically for SEAL specialists.

  • 'Post-graduate Certificate in SEAL'. An accredited 30 hour taught course for SEAL specialist e.g. SEAL and PSHE co-ordinators; school manager and Local Authority SEAL leads.

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Popular topics for Professional Development


Awareness Raising

  • What is SEAL and what has it got to do with us?

  • The national picture. What are LAs / schools across the country doing that works?

  • Understanding the links between achievement, behaviour, attendance and SEAL

  • What works in primary/secondary SEAL? Principles and practice

  • SEAL awareness for support staff


Developing Staff skills for teaching SEAL/ classroom climate

  • Developing our own social, emotional and behavioural skills for teaching

  • What is ‘ethos’ and how can we develop it in schools and classrooms?

  • Dealing with sensitive issues (e.g. bereavement) and confidentiality



Assessment, monitoring and evaluation

  • Planning for Assessment – monitoring and evaluating the impact of SEAL (whole-school, group and individual levels)

  • Assessing the social, emotional and behavioural skills of individuals



Teaching and learning (explicit SEAL sessions and cross-curricular learning)

  • What does a ‘best practice’ classroom/ tutor group SEAL session look like?

  • Practical classroom/ tutor group strategies and resources for developing SEAL

  • Using circle activities, group challenges and experiential learning in SEAL

  • Engaging the hard-to-include in SEAL sessions

  • Developing SEAL across the curriculum

  • Developing SEAL through the arts – Information about ‘Emotional Literacy Through the Arts’...


Small-group support (The continuum of provision)

  • Setting up and delivering small group support / focus group work  (Wave 2)


Engaging parents/carers as partners in SEAL

  • Parent/carer awareness sessions

  • School – family links: Working with parents to develop SEAL at home



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