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The SEAL Consultancy – Who are we?



Julie Casey is the Senior Director of The SEAL Consultancy.  Julie is available to undertake consultancy and conference work and to lead professional development opportunities.  We work with a range of specialist consultants, trainers and practitioners all of whom have extensive experience of SEAL at national, local authority and individual school levels.  We have a particular interest in developing SEAL through the arts and work closely with ‘Emotional Literacy Through the Arts’ to provide workshops, staff training and direct work with pupils. 


Our experience


Members of our consultancy team have:

  • Advised the DfES on SEAL in education

  • Made a major contribution to the writing of the Primary National SEAL Strategy.

  • Worked with the Secondary National Strategy on the development of Secondary SEAL.

  • Written SEAL related materials for the National Strategies and Nation Programme for Specialist Leaders of Behaviour and Attendance (NPSLBA).

  • Worked at the strategic level with local authorities children's services, agencies and government.

  • Working with individual schools and setting (early years, primary, secondary and special).

  • Led national conferences for local authority leads, headteachers, SEAL co-ordinators and whole-staff groups.

  • Monitored and evaluated practice at national, local authority, school and classroom levels.

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