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The Accredited Certificate in the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) (Accredited by the University of Northampton at 60 Masters Level Credits)


Undertaking action research

An introduction to the methodology and appropriate research tools


Learning, behaviour and the five domains of SEAL

Background, theoretical underpinnings, rationale and research

Key neurological, psychological and social theories and concepts underpinning the five domains

  • self awareness,

  • managing feelings,

  • empathy,

  • motivation,

  • social skills


The importance of environment – setting the scene

Role of environment in determining behaviour and achievement:

  • relationships;

  • language;

  • adult modelling;

  • physical environment;

Establishing a safe emotional environment;

Establishing the conditions to support SEAL learning and understanding Auditing and measuring ethos;

Application to participants’ own settings and practical steps.


The explicit curriculum 

Familiarity with the Primary and Secondary Strategy resources

Teaching and learning styles to support SEAL

Case-studies of successful practice in:

  • classroom practice (what does a good SEAL session look like and including the hard-to-include)

  • cross-curricular practice (primary/secondary)

  • small-group work (linking waves 1,2 and 3)

  • family work


Implementing and embedding SEAL in school settings

Understanding the processes involved in organisational change

Success factors in implementing SEAL;

A staged process to implementation

Making it coherent – using SEAL as a framework for whole school practice

  • Behaviour and teaching and learning policies 

  • Every Child Matters and the SEF

  • PSHE

  • National Healthy Schools Standard

  • Multi-agency practice. Ofsted/Estyn 


Monitoring, assessment and evaluation

Issues of assessment

Strategies for base-line assessment, monitoring, evaluating at

  • whole-school

  • class/group

  • individual levels


Developing practice: supporting colleagues in the workplace and through networks

  • Theories of effective professional development

  • Identifying staff development needs;

  • Using coaching approaches to develop practice and build capacity

  • Using staff meeting and whole school training opportunities

  • Staff emotional health and well being.




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