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Consultancy : Our experience and client views


We have worked with local authorities, head-teachers, senior leadership teams and subject departments/key stage teams as consultants at primary and secondary level, and have consistently found this form of support, tailored as it is to the needs and agenda of the individual or group, to be the most effective and helpful method of support.


We are able to share effective practice from around the country with you, having worked with different LAs and have a range of resources which we have permission to share, so in many cases a single consultancy session can save many hours of time ‘reinventing the wheel’.   We have supported LA’s and schools on a consultancy basis in the following areas: 



School consultancy

  • Implementing and embedding SEAL: Developing a framework for action

  • Making the links  -  Joining up key school agendas: SEAL, Every Child Matters, Healthy Schools, PSHE, and the self-evaluation framework (SEF)

  • Differentiating the SEAL curriculum for use in other settings - PRUs, BESD, LSU’s, special provision etc.

  • Strategic planning for implementing a SEAL curriculum

  • Planning for monitoring,

  • Developing a continuum of provision


Local Authority consultancy

  • Setting up multi-agency steering and operational groups to ensure joined-up working in the area of SEAL/ emotional health and well-being

  • Planning for the dissemination of primary/ secondary SEAL in a sustainable and effective manner

  • Building capacity through partnerships, clusters and the development of leading practitioners and schools

  • Planning to meet the professional development needs of different groups

  • Planning for base-line assessment, monitoring and the evaluation of outcomes in schools and throughout the authority


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