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Secondary  SEAL Conference Services



We can support you in providing an interactive, fun, informative and practical day for school managers, SEAL co-ordinators, school support staff, parents and carers, or multi-agency groups involved with Secondary SEAL, whether your audience are considering implementing, or want to further develop SEAL, within their own setting. 



Such conferences offer an opportunity for participants to:

  • Meet, learn from and network with others in similar settings

  • Learn from best practice around the country extending repertoires of skills in implementing, embedding and evaluating the impact of the SEAL curriculum

  • Take stock and plan strategically for the next steps in taking SEAL  forwards

  • Deepen understanding of how and why SEAL works in promoting positive behaviour, improving attendance and increasing academic achievement.

We will be pleased to discuss your needs informally, and our expert consultants can offer personalised support in

  • Developing the most appropriate aims and agenda to match your needs

  • Providing information, hand-outs, powerpoint presentations, keynote speakers and workshop facilitators for your own conference

  • Taking on aspects of the conference organisation, administration and evaluation on your behalf (by agreement)


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