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Primary Conferences: Popular Topics



We aim to provide support with developing a conference that meets your context and needs, and at The SEAL Consultancy we do not work from a blue-print. However, many clients have asked us for advice on selecting appropriate topics for both keynote presentations and workshops, and the following list offers some of the more popular topics for Primary audiences, although it is not exhaustive.


Popular topics for keynote presentations

  • The national picture – what did the independent evaluation of SEAL tell us? What are LAs and schools across the country doing that works?

  • Understanding the links between achievement, behaviour, attendance and SEAL

  • What is ‘ethos’ and how can we develop it?

  • Implementing and embedding SEAL: Where are you now? Getting to where do you want to be.

  • Making the links  -  Every Child Matters, SEAL and evidence for the self-evaluation framework

  • Assessment – monitoring and evaluating the impact of SEAL (whole-school, group and individual levels)

Popular topics for workshops  

  • Engaging the hard-to-include in SEAL sessions

  • What does a ‘best practice’ classroom SEAL session look like?

  • School – family links: Working with parents to develop SEAL at home

  • Setting up small group support (Wave 2)

  • Best practice in assessment (individuals and groups), monitoring and evaluation (class and wholeschool impact)

  • Practical classroom strategies and resources for developing SEAL

  • Using core and foundation subjects to develop SEAL

  • Developing SEAL through the arts – A practical workshop

  • Developing adult motivation skills for delivering SEAL (including ideas for working with lunch-time assistants)

  • Dealing with sensitive issues,  such as bereavement

  • Strategic planning at LA level

  • How does it all fit together? ( Co-ordinating SEAL, PSHE, RE, Healthy Schools,  Philosophy for Children, Brain-Gym, Accelerated learning, Circle time, whole-school initiatives etc.)

  • Differentiating the SEAL curriculum for use in other settings - PRUs, BESD, LSU’s, special provision etc.



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